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Catering Contract

A catering contract for each engagement is a critical part of protecting your business. A solid agreement template from a trusted source can ensure every aspect of your company is protected.

A catering contract is a formal arrangement between a catering service and a customer that defines all the information related to catering service for one or several events.

If you have a catering business, it is essential to ensure that you have a catering contract prepared for you and your customers. Having a strong contract in place will establish what services are going to be provided and your quote for the event as well. It will also help you determine when you can expect your payment.

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If you are an individual or an organization planning an event, you should also use a catering agreement. Also, a catering contract could be used if a restaurant wishes to give its customers clear expectations about the services and food that they can provide for a particular event. Essentially, a catering contract should be used for almost any occasion where food is being purchased, planned, and provided for other people. 

If you need a well-written catering contract to protect you, set expectations, and minimize the liability risk and damage if you are sued, contact Concierge Contracts. Their knowledgeable legal team has created a set of customizable contracts that can be tailored to your needs, and they are dedicated to helping you with these legal matters. 

What to Include in a Catering Contract Template?


A catering contract covers essential terms of the agreement as well as conditions that both parties have to comply with during the length of the arrangement. For example, the catering contract templates created by Concierge Contracts include placeholders for the cost of catering services, the date and time of the event, date payment is due, and more. 

What to Include in a Catering Contract Template

Catering Contracts Template

Although you should read catering contracts and templates with a critical eye and make sure they include anything unique or specific to you and your company, there are some basic elements all should include.  Any catering contract template should include:


  • The full legal name of the caterer or catering company and the location, as well as the full legal name of the client
  • Date of the event(s)
  • Number of events that need catering services
  • Information about the service to be provided (This might include number of guests, number of serving personnel and who hires them, menus, dishware and cutlery, as well as clean-up after the occasion.)
  • Additional services that will be provided
  • Payment information, such as whether an hourly rate or flat charge will be charged to the customer, how much time the customer has to pay the bill, and if a deposit is required up front
  • How to end or cancel the arrangement, as well as the amount of notice that has to be given to end the agreement
  • Securing any intellectual property which may exist in any menus, recipes, methods or active ingredients, whether they are owned by the customer or the catering service

Additionally, if you are a caterer who works in different or multiple locations like personal trainers do, you should make sure to have specific contracts for each location. This will help you make sure everything is covered, and it might include specific details for each property.

Caterer Contract Template


In a caterer contract template, the parties to the contract are the client and the catering service or the caterer. If you’re new to contracts, the client is the person or a company looking for catering, while the caterer is the individual or corporation providing the catering services.

Caterer Contract Template

As a caterer, you should make sure that the contract covers an independent contractor statement. It states that the caterer is an independent contractor who has their own tools and equipment. It also shows that the caterer and their team members are not employees of the client. 

This is something that new entrepreneurs may not be aware of. However, this clause is very important since the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) conduct routine business audits looking for workers who have been misclassified as contractors. The consequences can vary in severity depending upon whether the misclassification is deliberate, unintended, or fraudulent.

In addition, the caterer should have the Force Majeure topic covered in the contract. It secures both the customer and the caterer from disasters or occasions beyond their control that might affect the event such as a flood, fire, or riot.

If you are hiring a catering service as a client, here are a couple of things to look for in their contract. 

  1. Pay attention to the rules and regulations. The catering service has to adhere to all applicable laws and health requirements. The caterer should also guarantee that the rules are followed. 
  2. Pay attention to insurance. The agreement needs to require the catering service to have adequate basic liability insurance coverage. It is also crucial that the host has event insurance coverage. 

Catering Contract Sample


Catering contracts are not complicated agreements. However, they still need to have all the specifics about the caterer and the client.

Catering Contract Sample

Sample Catering Contract

Most catering contracts have basic info listed, such as the names and details of the parties. However, from there, the catering agreement becomes more complicated. You have to fill in all the significant information including the event details, the cost, the menu as well as information about cancellation and termination details.  

When the contract is filled out, print it. Both parties should sign it. The best practice is that both parties keep a copy throughout and after the event for their records.

Catering Contract PDF

It is a good idea to attach your invoice with your quote to the catering contract. Combined, you might send this set of documents to your client via email as a catering contract PDF. 

There are many simple, generic catering contract PDFs or text files available online. Although these documents can give you an idea of what to include in a catering contract, they may or may not have been created by legal professionals. And, they may or may not include everything you need to fully protect yourself and your business.

Keep in mind that Concierge Contracts offers industry-specific agreements that are customizable to your business needs, created by real business attorneys.

Free Catering Contract Template


As an entrepreneur, the idea of using a free catering contract template can be appealing. You may even ask, “Do I need a contract at all?” 

But keep in mind, there is a risk associated with working without a contract or just grabbing the first document you find for free on the internet. Small business owners sometimes get into trouble because they don’t understand the legal ramifications of their decisions. You have an obligation to yourself, your team members or contractors, and your customers to protect the best interests of your company. 

The legal framework provided by a good, solid contract will protect your business so you can continue to serve your clients for many years to come. In addition, contracts can minimize disputes and problems with your clients, and ensure you get paid. That is especially important in the catering business, but also for any small business! 

Catering Contract Example

Unlike a basic catering contract example you find on the internet, Concierge Contracts offers contracts and agreements that really have all the necessary information required to establish a legal structure for your service. 

These contracts are developed by experienced lawyers who have advised companies much like yours for years. Our clients can download their agreements quickly and keep them for future use. And, we’ve worked hard to make sure our contracts are offered at a price that won’t break the bank for business owners who are just starting out. 

Catering Contract Samples

As soon as you step through the guidelines on one of Concierge Contracts’ easy-to-customize catering contract templates, you will have a much better comprehension of what to watch out for.

Our legal documents marketplace offers the industry-specific, customizable documents that entrepreneurs and business owners need. Search today to find the contract that is right for you. 

Catering Contract for an Event


Special events are the bread and butter of a catering service. From weddings to corporate retreats to holiday parties, there are plenty of opportunities throughout the year for a caterer to finetune their services and their catering contract for an event. 

Weddings, in particular, are some of the most lucrative catering opportunities but also maybe the most stressful. On someone’s special day, they will be especially particular about how everything (including the food and service) goes. 

Catering Contract for an Event

Wedding Catering Contract

A wedding catering contract is not necessarily any different than other contracts, but it may be more extensive. After all, when it comes to weddings, you may need to provide multiple meals or types of food, a fancy cake, and more — so there is simply more to include in the agreement.  

Ensure that you discuss what kind of food will be required and ensure they are specified in your catering contract, before confirming the service. Also, if alcohol is included with your service, you may need specific licenses which should be explained therein. 

If you partner with other service providers like photographers, they also need to be covered by the main contract or separate photography contracts

Using an agreement from Concierge Contracts, you can secure your interests and ensure everything runs smoothly for the client and yourself.