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Contracts and agreements for your cleaning business, expertly crafted by leading attorneys.

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Cleaning Contracts - title

Cleaning contracts will protect your cleaning business and outline the expectations for you and for each of your clients. A solid agreement template from a trusted source can ensure every aspect of your company is protected.

Cleaning Contracts


Cleaning contracts protect all invested parties when you are providing janitorial or weekly cleaning services to another. Creating a proper cleaning agreement is an excellent method to assure your employment while protecting your reputation and assets. 

Generally, obtaining cleaning contracts can be a prolonged, involved, and expensive procedure requiring the advice of an attorney. Many freelance and start-up cleaning professionals choose to construct agreements that detail the length or frequency of service, what services are included, payments, the responsibility of liability, and what if any insurance is included. 

Regardless of whether you are the proprietor or an employee of the cleaning service or the recipient of the services, using thorough cleaning contracts from Concierge Contracts will protect you as well as your business, customers, and residential assets.

Cleaning Business Contracts Explained

Cleaning business contracts are important documents that every company, contractor, or client should have a copy on file. These documents specify the agreements between the various parties and protect each. Although you can make your cleaning contracts as complex and detailed as you like, a basic professional agreement also secures your service, as long as it is well-crafted.

Using a Cleaning Contract Template from Concierge Contracts

The professional cleaning contract template you’ll receive from Concierge Contracts will be a basic agreement with the ability to customize to your needs. The advice and resources on our site, along with our templates (written by practicing business attorneys), streamline the contract-creation procedure for you. 

If you’re wondering if you need to use a contract, the short answer is that it’s definitely your best bet for safeguarding the financial investments of both the contractor and the owner of the home or business being tidied.

Where a retained lawyer drawing up an individualized contract is likely to be extremely pricey for regular use, our ready-made, customizable cleaning contracts keep the process simple and affordable for your business.

What a Cleaning Contracts Template Covers

There are a variety of issues covered on a cleaning contracts template offered by Concierge Contracts. Fortunately, with our templates, you do not have to come up with a list of all of the issues you may want to be covered. They are provided for you. You and your client merely agree upon the finer points, fill it out, and sign.

Commercial Cleaning Contracts

Signing commercial cleaning contracts for basic short or long-term tasks can provide the security you need to protect your business. Some cleaning contracts may be for a one-time garage cleaning task, a weekly home tidying, or a seasonal deep clean. 

But, if you are tackling commercial cleaning for another business, there are likely to be more or different issues at play, for instance, privacy and non-disclosure aspects regarding the company’s business or how their employee’s personal belongings in the office are handled. The right written agreement will detail the specifics of each to ensure you are legally compliant with your state laws and able to meet the needs of your clients, commercial or otherwise.

Commercial Cleaning Contract Template

In addition to other specifications, a commercial cleaning contract template will lay out what tasks will be accomplished and what will occur if they are not done to satisfaction. The more exact the details of the agreement, the easier it will be if either party needs to take it to court.

Check Out Our Sample Cleaning Contracts


Basic sample cleaning contracts safeguard a company owner, freelance contractor, and homeowner alike. Potential delays or additional expenses caused by unforeseen circumstances should be negotiated and placed in the cleaning contracts to determine who takes on those excess expenses. 

Sample cleaning contracts offered by the experts at Concierge Contracts can help you begin your process with your domestic or business cleaning company. Scan through our marketplace to take a look at the samples there, and choose the one that best fits your needs.

Sample Cleaning Contract

A sample cleaning contract can help you determine what specific jobs you intend to accomplish, as well as how much the client pays for each. It can express the length of the job, for example, once a week for the year, or a one time task of cleaning out the basement.

Cleaning Service Contract vs. Other Small Business Contracts


In addition to a cleaning service contract, Concierge Contracts offer a variety of professional agreement templates for businesses, including a personal training contract and one for yoga. Although every small business owner or independent contractor should protect themselves with a solid agreement, each of these industries does have specific contractual needs.

With simple to comprehend jobs and specifically detailed responsibilities, a straight-forward agreement from Concierge Contracts includes the following:

  • Contractor’s name, address, and phone number
  • Description of the work to be done
  • Contract price and payments
  • Insurance information 
  • Location of the business
  • Location of the property
  • Property owner’s name and contact information 

In addition to the specifics of your cleaning contracts, you can likewise define how the job will be handled, how employees should conduct themselves on-site, where supplies and materials are stored, and how waste should be removed.

Basic Elements Included to Get Apartment Cleaning Service Contracts

Some of the primary elements required in obtaining an apartment cleaning service contracts include the following:

  • Completion date
  • Date of payment
  • Dispute arbitration and resolution
  • How to handle changes
  • Inspections of completed tasks
  • Insurance against claims, damages, and losses
  • Termination of the contract

Why You Need a Cleaning Service Contract Sample

Requiring a signed cleaning service contract is an excellent method to develop your credibility and secure your agreements with your clients. 

When performing cleaning tasks for another, there are many reasons to require a written and legal agreement. You want to detail the obligations, as well as protect yourself legally.

Cleaning Service Agreement


When developing a cleaning service agreement, some question if they can even take legal action based on simple cleaning contracts. Having the service arrangements provided and detailed in writing is an integral step in ensuring your financial security if there is a dispute.

Cleaning Service Agreement

Developing Office Cleaning Contracts

In order to effectively offer janitorial or office cleaning contracts, it is important to initially determine your target audience. Whether your focus is on small or large businesses, analyzing your existing client base, and concentrating on the most lucrative accounts and on clients who offer recommendations or otherwise reveal they are pleased with your efficiency.

Negotiating Janitorial Cleaning Contracts

When discussing your janitorial cleaning contracts, you must negotiate what tasks you are willing to perform for the salary you agree to. Do a walk-through of the properties with your potential customer and talk about the work to be done. Prepare an in-depth quote so you and your client are on the same page regarding what work will be accomplished and for what sum. Before hiring a lawyer, contact us for the best cleaning contracts.

Browse Contracts & Agreements

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