General Contractor Contract

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General Contractor Contract title

General Contractor Contract

Solid general contractor contracts are a must for your construction or handyman business. From stipulated fee to cost plus fees to covering yourself against liability, our contracts will protect you and help your business thrive.

General Contractor Contract


Most freelance and start-up construction contractors and carpenters benefit from using solid contracts. In fact, you should use a general contractor contract regardless of which side of the building, refurbishing, or renovating process you are on. Maybe you are having your dream home built or added onto, or you perhaps wish to expand your construction business. As a licensed contractor, you are in a unique situation where you may not only need a contract for any clients, but also for a hired subcontractor. A clearly expressed agreement in writing outlines the expectations of all parties.

A contract is an essential document that defines an agreement between multiple parties and protects everyone involved. Although it’s a common misconception that creating a written agreement is a complicated matter, it doesn’t have to be difficult. And, a well-crafted general contractor contract protects your business.

By using a professional template like the ones offered by Concierge Contracts, you can protect the investments of both the contractor and the owner of the property being modified.


Construction Contract for General Contractor

Signing a construction contract for a general contractor protects all parties involved in a building or renovation project. For example, your contractor may suddenly cease working or may also request a change order for extra materials or an extended timeline for labor. A general contractor contract can help you legally settle the matter.

If, however, you are the contractor and the property owner refuses to pay the agreed-upon sum upon completion of the project, you want to have a written contractor agreement that protects your rights.

Using a General Contractor Contract Template


Using a general contractor contract template can simplify the process where hiring an attorney to draw a specific agreement may be overly expensive for routine use. A property owner can use a general contractor contract to outline all of the details regarding renovations on the home. Otherwise, parties may have different ideas about the specific changes that are to be made, as well as the time-frame, materials used, and cost involved. 

The contractor-specific agreements in the Concierge Contracts marketplace define the details of building specifics and make any mediation issues more straightforward.

There Are Several Reasons to Use a General Contractor Sample Contract


A general contractor sample contract protects business owners and property owners alike. Delays caused by inclement weather or worker mistakes adversely affect contractors and their employees, as well as homeowners. This results in additional expenses, and a well-written general construction contract details who absorbs those excess costs.

A sample construction agreement provided by the professionals at Concierge Contracts can get you started on the right path and ensure that home improvement goes according to plan.

What Should Be Included in a Simple Construction Contract Template?


The primary elements of your general contractor contract include the following:

  • The name and contact information of the contractor
  • The name and contact information of the property owner
  • The job site location
  • The insurance info for both the contractor and property owner
  • The name and contact information of the contractor
  • The party responsible for daily construction oversight
  • Description of the work to be done
  • Contract price and payments including dates and formats
  • Contract documents: including blueprints, etc.

In addition to the basic specifics of your general contractor contract, you can likewise define how the worksite should be kept, how the employees should conduct themselves on-site, where tools and materials are stored, and where waste can be disposed of.


Additional Items Included in a Construction Contractor Contract Template

There are many additional elements one could include in a construction contractor contract template. A few of the most common are:

  • The completion date of the project
  • Date of the final payment
  • Dispute resolution and arbitration
  • How changes, after the job begins, will be handled
  • Inspections
  • Insurance to protect against claims, damages, defects, and losses
  • Jobs that use subcontracts for drywall contracts, plumbing, or electrical issues
  • Termination of contract
  • Warranties for materials or work

Selecting a Concierge Home Renovation Contract is an economical and responsible option that will help you stay legally compliant.

Stipulated Fee vs. Cost Plus Contract Example


Looking at the differences between a stipulated fee vs. cost plus contract example can help you determine how to draw up your agreement. As with many jobs, determining the payment parameters is crucial to successful and mutually-beneficial completion of the task.

A stipulated fee general contractor contract is a guaranteed price for the completion of the project. With easy to understand projects with expressly described concepts (particularly with an established contractor who understands the possible variables involved) this is a no-nonsense type of contract.

With property owners who are not sure of what they want, or live in regions where uncertain weather may cause delays or liquidated damages, a cost-plus contract is probably a better option.

A unit price contract places a price on individual units. This could be by item (bathtub installation, or deck and patio construction), by the cubic yard or linear foot (for flooring, decks, or patios), or per hour of work. The more experience the contractor has, the better the estimations for time and cost will be. 

If you have questions about finding the right agreement for you, contact Concierge Contracts. We’ll be glad to help.

General Contractor Contract PDF


A general contractor contract PDF that explains whether and why you may need a contract can be helpful. No one wants to have a problem with a job or with a property building or renovation project. Unfortunately, unexpected delays or unrealized anticipations result in strife. With these possibilities, you may find yourself in court, arguing additional expenses.

Having a thorough agreement in writing ahead of time reduces that possibility and the costs they include.

General Contractor Contract PDF

General Contractor Contract Forms


Some wonder if they can even take legal action against someone without using general contractor contract forms. The short but incomplete answer is “yes.” However, it becomes a situation of your word against theirs. The beauty of using a well-written general contractor contract from Concierge Contracts is that all of the details can be discussed and agreed upon, without assumptions getting in the way.

It can become a scenario where the contractor must sue the property owner, and they counter-sue. Ultimately, that results in both parties paying state court costs that could have been avoided. It just makes sense.

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