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Personal Training Contract Basics


Although there are many reasons to have one, this contract is used for a few key purposes, including securing a fitness trainer from liability if a client is injured during the training sessions and making sure you get paid. Contracts or waivers are generally signed and submitted by the customer before he/she begins supervised training. They always require basic personal information like name, date, signature, and billing information, but they may include more thorough data like beginning fitness level and health issues, as well.

Additionally, a contract can detail the client’s responsibilities. It can specify how much payments should be and when they are due. Plus, a good document will describe how and when the fitness plan ends, as well as what steps will be taken if payments are late or canceled or the personal training agreement is otherwise broken. It provides a plan for payment recovery and support if you need to handle the issue in small claims court.

According to the Georgia Office of Consumer Protection (OCP), “Every Personal Training establishment is required by law to submit to this office, a blank copy of its contract for review and approval. It is OCP’s position that a Personal Training establishment includes but is not limited to individuals or organizations that execute Personal Training contracts for services within a particular gym. Personal Training services include as one of its primary purposes, services, or facilities that are purported to assist patrons to improve their physical condition or appearance through a change in weight, weight control, treatment, dieting, or exercise.”

Maintaining Contracts with Your Fitness Center

It’s the OCP’s position that health club owners are accountable for guaranteeing that the contracts used at their centers remain in compliance with the Fair Business Practices Act

While many fitness centers adhere to this practice, all clubs and coaches need to keep signed contracts on file for all of their clients. Concierge Contracts ready-to-use personal training agreement forms and agreement bundles can make that easy for you to do.

Contract Requirements


In addition to the basic information like client details and payment arrangements, Personal Trainer Contract requirements should include the following aspects:

Personal Trainers Contract
  • A clause allowing clients to cancel the contract within one month of any major modifications to the personal training agreement
  • A clause enabling clients to cancel in the event they sustain a permanent disability
  • A provision specifying that clients with a history of heart disease should be examined by a heart specialist before signing
  • A provision providing the client’s estate to cancel in the event of the client’s death
  • An arrangement that allows clients to cancel membership if the fitness center relocates farther than 10 miles away
  • A statement that specifies any prepayment by the client may be forfeited if the health club closes

The personal trainer contracts we provide at Concierge Contracts include these important elements, so your contract will be sure to be in compliance with any regulations.

Why Do You Need a Personal Training Agreement

Basically, a personal training agreement is required for legal and liability reasons, as well as to ensure you get promptly paid. A properly-written personal training contract will outline the guidelines, requirements, responsibilities, and rights of all fitness clients. This information can help protect you if worst comes to worst and you are sued by a client or facility.

A Personal Training Waiver Protection


Many trainers believe a personal training waiver protects the clients. It ensures they are provided a qualified trainer and a safe environment. However, the right contract also protects the fitness center as well as the trainer. It informs the client of your policies on the following matters:

Personal Training Waiver
  • Cancelation of the contract
  • Hourly rates
  • Late session cancellations
  • Overdue sessions
  • Trainer/client conflict

Our self-serve personal training agreement form and contract templates at Concierge Contracts are developed by experienced business attorneys and can be easily tailored to safeguard your interests.

Purpose of a Waiver

A personal trainer waiver is an important aspect of beginning any workout program. With any exercise, there is a threat of injury. These may consist of an increased risk of heart attack or hypertension, as well as muscular or skeletal injuries. 

Generally, clients who sign personal training contracts are certifying that they have no pre-existing physical issues that may cause susceptibility to injuries during a supervised workout. That, although every effort will be made to guarantee their security, ultimately they will be responsible for their own risk. 

Finding an Online Waiver

Using an online personal training waiver can be a great option for many smaller health clubs or instructors. They are normally completed and submitted prior to the beginning of training sessions, whether those sessions are held at the client’s house, the instructor’s house, or a gym.

Consistent use of personal training contracts is a vital policy to have in effect in case a client becomes hurt or suffers monetary losses throughout his/her training. Our templatized personal training waivers are available online and can help you get started. 

Training Liability Waiver


The information and protection provided on a personal training liability waiver can be relevant for a specified number of sessions or can last a lifetime. Make sure to determine the parameters of the agreement before presenting a personal training contract to your potential clients.

Personal Training Liability Waiver

Ensure your reputation, as well as that of your company by being sure to provide complete information to your clients when you give them personal training agreement and waivers to sign. The documents from Concierge Contracts are thorough and use as simple language as possible so that in addition to being legally binding, they are easy to use and understand for companies and their customers alike. 

Using a Waiver and Release Form

Although all efforts are made to ensure a client’s safety, he/she will almost certainly have to sign a personal training waiver and release form before beginning a fitness program. This will take note of the personal information and state that the client has no physical problems that might result in injury during exercise. This releases, or at least reduces, the liability assumed by the health club.

Having an Independent Contractor Agreement

A personal trainer independent contractor agreement is a fairly standard form. Most consist of certain details, such as the client’s name, the date he/she will begin training, the amount of money being charged, and the finishing date when applicable. 

However, customization comes in if you describe specifics of the services you will provide or other similar topics. Regardless of everything else, a contract must be signed and dated in order to be lawfully binding.

When Do You Need a Personal Trainers Contract?


Signing a personal trainers contract can ensure the client gets the results he/she desires. Many training agreements allow athletes to detail expectations regarding session frequency and intensity. They also inform the client of forms of payment accepted, amount, and due dates, as well as describe how and why the personal training agreement can be terminated.

When beginning any personal training endeavor as a client, it’s wise to seek the advice of your doctor to confirm the training program should be healthy for you. 

When beginning a personal training endeavor as the personal training professional, you should make sure you use a validated personal training agreement form from a trustworthy source like Concierge Contracts. The attorneys and staff behind Concierge know exactly what steps you need to take to protect yourself and your assets, and their ready-to-go contract templates reflect this.

Online Template

You may require a template if you are new to the field. In fact, the entire concept of protecting yourself personally, as well as your small business may be foreign to you. 

A contract may also be desirable if you have been denied or refused payment after providing services. Having a signed document that outlines client responsibilities can support your efforts to retrieve remuneration either by sending follow-up letters or pursuing the issue in court.

Why Use Contract Templates

There are several reasons that most fitness centers use contract templates. Even if a health club or trainer uses an appropriate one, there may be injuries for which they may be liable. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Equipment malfunction: if someone is hurt by equipment that isn’t properly maintained.
  • Poorly-trained trainer: if the trainer doesn’t understand how to use the fitness equipment properly or he or she overworks or improperly advises a client.

When you use personal training contracts template from Concierge Contracts, all you have to do is fill in your business information and ensure that the dates and information remain up-to-date as time passes.

The Importance of Forms


In certain circumstances, using the right personal trainer forms can be the difference between keeping your business open or being forced to close. According to the CDC, every day more than 10,000 individuals are treated for sports and exercise-related injuries. Additionally, senior citizens account for over 53,000 of these injuries each year.

Personal Trainer Forms

Regardless of whether you are seeking a personal trainer or striving to become one, it is wise to ensure there is a proper contract being used.

Contracts Forms

With so many accidents regularly occurring, personal trainer contracts forms are necessary to outline the responsibilities of all parties involved.

Get Started Today

To get real-world contract samples that provide the most protection and ensure you get paid, browse the selection of contracts, agreements, and bundles available from Concierge Contracts. Created by a reputable law firm, our agreements suit the needs of most business owners, both small and large. 

Reach out today if you have questions on any of our offerings, and our team will help find the agreement that’s right for your personal training business.

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