Venue Contract & Event Facility Rental Agreement

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Venue Contract & Event Facility Rental Agreement title

Venue Contract & Event Facility Rental Agreement

A Venue Contract or Event Facility Rental Agreement is a critical step when you’re planning a wedding, party, business offsite, or any type of event. This contract protects the event planner and the venue and lays out expectations for both parties.

Venue Contract


Whether it’s a gorgeous vineyard or a conference center, a venue contract is necessary when you rent a location for a wedding, party, lecture, retreat, or other occasion. No matter if you’re the property owner or the private individual leasing the location, an event facility rental agreement  clarifies issues by locking down crucial information like date, timeframe, charges, and any unique requirements or details.

Venue Contract

Having an agreed upon price, date, and location are merely the preliminary requirements of most venue contracts. Although many people feel that using a contract is an inconvenience, a legal agreement need not be complex, and it can offer a lot of protection for both parties.  Take it from us – get a contract, and read that contract carefully to check all of the details. A bit of extra precaution initially may save a ton of extra effort and even expenses later.

Many event facilities are operated by small business owners or people using their personal income to cover them. They often can’t afford to handle any litigious clients. A well-crafted venue contract will offer the protection needed. Responsible, thrifty venue owners will appreciate the easy-to-customize agreements offered by Concierge Contracts.

Event Facility Rental Agreement


An event facility rental agreement is a protective feature that is often overlooked. When planning an event like a party or workshop, the location space is often the most expensive aspect.

Event Facility Rental Agreement

The venue contract & event facility rental agreement will detail all the essential information, such as dates and costs, along with legal rights and responsibilities. The agreement may include a timeline with information down to the specific time event set-up begins, when the first guest may arrive, and when meals will be served. 

With a little bit of know-how and the right tools, venue owners can easily make the necessary arrangements for wedding contracts or any other venue hire agreement. The best thing is, with Concierge Contracts customizable tool, you can edit and utilize the same contract for additional events.

You’ll need to start with these necessary aspects:

  • Full name and address of all involved parties
  • Contract beginning date and the event date
  • Hours of access
  • Price 
  • Included amenities like a sound or lighting system, catering or a kitchen, valet parking, etc.
  • Included staff like servers or security
  • Payment schedule including deposit and final payment dates
  • Cancellation policy 
  • Liability
  • Decor restrictions
  • Vendor restrictions 
  • Noise ordinances
  • Additional fees may clean-up, etc.

Keep in mind that if you have multiple buildings or work in different locations like personal trainers do, it is best to have specific contracts for each location to ensure everything is covered.

Venue Rental Agreement


Venue rental agreements secure both the property owner or manager and the client. These contracts make sure that everybody settles on the fundamental criteria before use. 

Additionally, a venue contract & event facility rental agreement ensures the property owner receives payment and makes sure the client gets any amenities he/she expects. A venue hire contract  will also outline what is required if things go wrong, for example, who is responsible for repair and/or cleaning costs if there is damage to the venue.

Having a comprehensive, personalizable contract like the ones offered by Concierge Contracts secures your interests.

A Venue Rental Agreement Template

A venue rental agreement template often includes the following statements:

  • Both parties acknowledge that no other contracts concerning the services defined here are lawfully legitimate. The included information is the only information required.
  • Any disputes between parties will be reconciled according to your county and your state laws. If necessary, these issues will be resolved in your county and your state court system.

Including this information may be required for the venue contract & event facility rental agreement in order for it to be binding.

Making a Wedding Venue Contract


A wedding venue contract should be particularly detailed for the day, time, number of participants, etc. Destination wedding events (where the couple and their guests take a trip to a picturesque area for the occasion) are popular. Those require even more specific contracts, as the arrangements are likely have been finalized remotely.

Wedding Venue Contract

Wedding Venue Contracts

Wedding venue contracts can be as varied as weddings are. As weddings become more expensive, the need for contracts increase, as well. Everyone – the people hosting the wedding as well as each and every service provider – deserves to feel secure that they know what they are providing or receiving. 

Wedding Venue Contract Template

A wedding venue contract template like those offered by Concierge Contracts may be particularly helpful for locations that provide bundle deals covering the most popular wedding event features. As a new venue, you may not think about including things like tables and chairs, linens, a shuttle service and so on in your contract, but those are important details. 

This becomes even more important if you are a venue that refers or partners with other service providers, like musicians and photographers who also need to be covered by the main contract or separate photography contracts. With additional features, it’s extra important to know what the client expects and what the facility will supply.

Wedding Venue Rental Agreement

Utilizing an agreement from Concierge Agreements can remove the tension that otherwise might take place on someone’s special day.

Event Contract Template


As an event planner, your basic event contract template might be embellished or customized for specific occasions. 


One example is for the age of participants. Depending upon the place and the age of the individuals, an agreement might require signatures from owners of the location. This might be applicable if your event will have minor attendees and there are activities that could be considered risky or dangerous.

Pick Out a Sample Event Contract

As small business owners have started hosting innovative events at unique settings, a professional sample event contract can be handy. It can provide the standards to discuss client concerns that neither one of you might have previously considered and ensure that everybody’s requirements are satisfied. 

Take a look through our contract marketplace for samples that apply to you and your business.

Party Rental Contract Template


A party rental contract template ensures that you have all of the specifications and needs covered for all individuals involved. 

A venue contract & event facility rental agreement provides protection for the building owner, but also covers the renter, as well.

Party Rental Contract Template

Advantages for the venue owner may include:

  • Protection from libel
  • Acceptance of “as-is” conditions
  • Termination options
  • Recovery of damage costs
  • Cancellation protection with terms

For the event planner, a couple of the protections include the dates and rates are locked in.

Banquet Hall Rental Contract Sample

A banquet hall rental contract sample is useful for those hosting receptions and many other events. These contracts protect you from unruly partiers as well as assuring you can get paid for the space rental.

You may consider having insurance to cover your specific event. Although as a property owner you should already have good insurance coverage, requiring renters to acquire extra insurance coverage for the occasion may be a good idea in some situations.

Facility Rental Agreement


As you can see, a facility rental agreement and event contract template is a helpful tool. It offers an explanation of the day including opening and closing times, optional and included amenities, prices, and how to resolve any conflicts that may develop. It can even streamline your communication with your clients if you specify details like how and when to contact your company via phone and email.

Paying for legal advice can be expensive. Using a venue contract & event facility rental agreement can ensure you are protected for less.

Contact Concierge Contracts for a Space Rental Agreement

Instead of investing your business’s start-up funds on hours of legal charges to get a general space rental agreement produced, purchase one of Concierge Agreement’s facility agreement template and then personalize it.

These templates streamline the procedure of creating a binding agreement by yourself. For very little expense, you’ll get a tailored, binding agreement that covers all your bases and can be downloaded and sent out to your customer that same day. 

Avoid danger and potential later legal concerns by starting with a strong event facility rental agreement and venue contract from Concierge Contracts. Reach out today for help selecting the contract that’s right for you.