Yoga Liability Waiver

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Yoga Liability Waiver title

Yoga Liability Waiver

What is a yoga liability form, and do you need one? As an instructor, it’s important to protect yourself and your business by having students sign this type of document.

The practice of yoga is an ancient and peaceful one, so why would a studio need liability waivers? The reality is that even gentle stretching can cause injury in some cases. And, since most instructors begin their business with an eye on helping others achieve spiritual enlightenment and physical improvement, they could be prone to overlook the practical steps that protect them in the event of a client injury.

In our litigious society, yoga studios, fitness centers, and independent trainers must take every step to safeguard themselves from injury liability claims.

Yoga Liability Waiver section

Protect yourself from litigation by ensuring your yoga certificate is up-to-date, and you know the most current safety standards and practices. Make sure that you have sufficient liability insurance coverage in case someone is injured during class or on the premises and requires medical attention. Then, provide a well-written liability waiver for your students to sign before beginning the class. Although this does not protect you from litigation in the case of negligent or criminal acts, it does help you defend yourself in court when injuries occurred from the student’s actions or standard yoga poses.

Use a Yoga Liability Release

In addition to obtaining the proper level of insurance coverage, you should use a yoga liability waiver to ensure you are taking all possible actions to protect your clients and yourself.

To adequately cover all bases, many instructors consult with an expensive lawyer who is knowledgeable about contracts. An excellent and cost-effective alternative is to compose your own. Since contract law is complicated, and a poorly-written agreement is not worth the paper it is printed on, it is best to use an online yoga liability waiver, such as those created by Concierge Contracts.

A Template Makes Things Easy

Many yoga and fitness centers find that using a yoga liability waiver template simplifies the process. Individual state laws dictate what elements need to be included for the contract to be effective. Therefore, it is beneficial for larger companies with studios in multiple states to have specific waivers for each. Templates allow you to personalize the document to fit your particular needs.

If you wonder, “Do I need a contract?” the answer is likely, “Yes.” A written agreement that includes a yoga liability waiver, contract, and release waivers protect you from litigation if a client is injured during a session or on the premises.

What Is a Yoga Waiver?


All clients must sign waivers before engaging in any guided physical activity, whether you are instructing them in their homes or in your studio, to ensure you are covered from day one.

Waivers provide documentation detailing that the student knows what the class consists of and that they are personally responsible for following the directions and working within their personal abilities. This opens a dialogue between the teacher and the student regarding the rights and responsibilities of each.

A yoga liability waiver like the one provided by Concierge Contracts outlines the rights and responsibilities of all involved parties.

Check Out a Liability Sample

Researching a variety of waiver samples offers an idea of what is commonly included. If you want a comprehensive option, though, check out the options offered by Concierge Contracts. In addition to the yoga liability waiver, other forms may be relevant to your business, such as the personal training contract. The photography contract may be required if you plan to use images of your clients in your promotional material.

What Is Included in a Waiver?


Although some prospective clients may balk at signing one, a typical contract benefits both parties. Since the safety of your clients is paramount to the ongoing success of your business, you will do everything necessary to safeguard your clients. Your liability waiver can express that you will provide the following:

  • Competent instructor with the correct and up-to-date certification
  • Liability insurance
  • Properly maintained equipment if used
  • Safe environment

A self-serve template at Concierge Contracts, developed by expert business attorneys, is easily adjusted to more closely reflect your interests.

Do You Need a Waiver Template?

There are several times in the life of your business that you may want to obtain a yoga waiver template. When you first open your studio or begin your profession as a yoga instructor, you should choose the right document for your specific situation. If you make any major changes to your company, you may want those changes to be reflected in your release contract.

Plus, if any liability adjustments are made in the state laws or your insurance policy, you may want to revise the yoga waiver using a ready-made template available from Concierge Contracts.

Using Yoga Waiver Forms as an Easy Alternative


Using online yoga waiver forms can be an easy and economical alternative for fitness centers, independent instructors, and yoga studios. These are generally completed and submitted before the first session, whether that session is in your home, the client’s home, or a health club.

Yoga Waiver Forms

Although there are many elements that you can include in your liability release documents, and the form is a necessary part of your intake process and record-keeping, there are some injuries for which you will be held responsible. These include but are not restricted to the following:

  • Lack of certification
  • Malfunctioning or poorly-maintained equipment like yoga bands or blocks
  • Poorly-maintained studio space
  • Poorly-trained instructors who don’t know how to oversee or properly advise a client

The experienced group at Concierge Contracts can direct you through the process.

Why You Need a Yoga Intake Template

An intake template helps provide structure to the process of signing a new client. It ensures that you have all of the necessary information for your client records. Some of the information on an intake form consist of the following:

  • Name
  • Date
  • Billing information
  • Signature

They may include more comprehensive information like health concerns and goals, as well as their starting physical fitness level. The yoga liability release waivers are typically signed and submitted with the intake forms before training begins.

When you use a template from the Concierge Contracts marketplace, all you need to do is input your company details. Then, make sure to keep the dates current over time.

Yoga Release Forms Explained


Release forms are those documents that release the instructor, fitness center, or yoga studio from liability in the event that a client overworks himself or herself or otherwise becomes injured. With yoga, as with any workout, there is a chance of injuries, such as pulled muscles and fractures. This is why a release document is an essential element when starting any exercise class.

Yoga Release Forms

Normally, when a client signs a yoga liability waiver, they are declaring that they have no pre-existing physical problems that might trigger susceptibility to injuries while practicing the postures. They are attesting that, although every effort will be made for their security, they are solely responsible for mitigating their own risks.

By using the appropriate forms found at Concierge Contracts, you know that you will have taken every step to protect your company.

Yoga Release Waivers Diligently Used

To ensure the security of your client and your company, you should have him/her sign a release before taking any classes or being instructed in the performance of any poses.

An effective liability release is difficult to create from scratch, and consulting a business attorney is pricey. A more efficient option is to choose a document on Concierge Contracts. Their diligence in developing user-friendly documents reduces your chance of needing expensive legal representation in the future.

A Yoga Class Waiver for Group Instruction


Any time you are instructing more than one person at a time, a yoga class waiver may be in order. It is also wise to encourage any client who is beginning their practice to consult with their medical professional to verify their overall health and that yoga is the right fitness program for them. This can improve the likelihood that your clients achieve their desired results and meet their physical and spiritual fitness goals.

Yoga Class Waiver

The lawyers behind Concierge know precisely what actions you need to safeguard yourself and your business. Their customizable yoga liability waiver templates are available and easy to use.

Find the Right Waiver Document

Insist that your students sign a contract to limit your liability if one of them becomes injured while performing a challenging pose. For access to real-world forms that offer the most security and guarantee you earn money while reducing your liability, search the options offered from Concierge Contracts. Produced by a respectable law practice, these agreements fit the requirements of a variety of companies in a range of sizes.

Contact us today if you have questions regarding any of our online forms, and our team will help find the right agreement for your studio.

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